Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oh boy! Why didn't anyone tell me there was coffee in tiramisu? I am very allergic to coffee. (I know, it is an unfair world). I spent all today really, really sick. Imagine the worst hang over you ever had, double it, add a tummy upset, a migraine headache and sleepiness, and you'll get the idea.
I belted out 1200 words when I finally rejoined the land of the living. But I will never touch that evil stuff again.
Oh well, off to see if I can add to my word count. Though I doubt it. I am so tired.

Also entered a play competition. The Literary Consultancy. I've entered Sammy. Fingers crossed.
And the auditions for Hansel and Gretel went well. I think our beloved director has more or less made his mind up now.......

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