Friday, October 27, 2006

Little woman, you've had a busy day!
Today, I wrote 1500 words new to my story, and also rewrote a scene in the first chapter that all my critters found confusing. Hopefully it's sorted now.
Then I took home baked cookies into the newspaper office and bribed the reporters. If that doesn't get our stories in the paper, nothing will!
I bought the breast cancer calendar, "Beauty and the Breast". Brilliant calendar done by people I know. They've all had breast cancer, and they had artists paint their bodies and they made a calendar. Superb. All profits to Cancer Bacup.
Then I critted four stories on critique circle, signed up for tap dancing, signed up for a dance workshop tomorrow, agreed to go to a barn dance tomorrow night.
Oh and I posted my entry to the Literary Consultancy competition and wrote a letter. All in all, a productive day.
I'm off to bed now. When every muscle aches after tomorrow, I will remind myself I haven't danced for some years.....

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