Thursday, December 21, 2006

I have been approached to write five short plays highlighting the causes of poverty - lack of water, lack of education, conflict, lack of employment opportunities, HIV/AIDS. These will be used to show what the effect of these issues have on poverty, and how we can work to alleviate them. It's to lead up to A Day Of Poverty on June 10th.
It's a huge responsibility and one I take very seriously. First stop, prayer.

Americans spend more on cosmetics and Europeans more on ice cream than it would cost to provide schooling and sanitation to the 2 billion people who go without both.
The richest 358 people on the planet are collectively richer than half of the world's population.
4% of the wealth of the richest 225 individuals on the planet could provide elementary education, medical facilities and nutrition for the world's poor.
And yet, every day, 30,000 people die from the effects of extreme poverty. That's ten World Trade Centres EVERY DAY.
I don't find that acceptable. Do you?

You can find out more by watching this space, or by going to

Monday, December 11, 2006

Merry Christmas everyone.

With a fortnight to go to the Big Day, I am a few thousand words off finishing my Nanowrimo novel, which is getting quite positive feedback over on critiquecircle. Also still looking for that composer. I've had some rather nice comments about the quality of the lyrics. Now if only one of those comments could turn into a composer...
I've still got my screenplay "The price of Firewood" to finish, and I've just been asked to write a play for Easter Saturday. Unpaid, of course, (when I get offered paid work, you will hear, without aid of a microphone, believe you me). I don't mind too much in this case. For one thing, it's part of my giving, and the Church is falling down, for another thing, it gets another work finished, and with each work I get better, and nearer to that great big breakthrough.
It has now reached the stage (no pun intended, honest!) where the am dram group puts my name on the posters because they say telling the public I wrote the play gets bums on seats. Apparently, people are saying "I saw Hilary wrote it, so I knew it would be good/my cup of tea/what I want to see" That's quite a nice compliment.

Monday, December 04, 2006

I'm looking for a composer. Anyone out there want to prove themselves on a major work? There are two versions - a libretto, completely in song, and a play with songs in.Some years ago, I wrote a libretto entitled "Foundations", which told the story of the first eleven chapters of the Book of Acts, specifically St Paul's conversion. I got a lot of good feedback from this, some of it from professional musicians and writers, but no composer. And without that, it was worthless.I thought I would ease the workload. I rewrote it as a play with songs in. That works too. But still no composer.Thing is, the part of the copyright that belongs to me has been assigned to St Richard's Church, a tiny little Church on a run down estate in South England. It's known as the little church with the big heart and it is vital to the community with its outreach. Alas, it is falling down and needs rebuilding and modest estimates put that at a cool million. When they rebuild, they are going to put a doctor's surgery in there, so the people have health facilities. There'll be health visitor facilities, places where Mums can go to learn to look after kids better (sadly, some Mums need the help), places for all the community. But we need to raise the money first.In an area where most people are on welfare, it's easy to say it's an impossible dream, but I know nothing is impossible with God. If he wants this place to be built, he will supply us with the means. And this afternoon, whilst doing my devotions, I had the strongest urge to try one more time for a composer. The feeling would not go away, so I'm trying.The composer would, of course, be entitled to keep their share of any money made by the project. But, as I say, my share belongs to St Richard's.Anybody wish to look at the work, under no obligation?

Friday, December 01, 2006

Wanted to share this with you. Go to the website for more information.
WIN News - December 2006

This Month's "World In Need News"
Dear All,
Welcome to our first electronic edition of World In Need News. As the year draws to a close we wanted to briefly share with you some of the achievements that your generous donations have contributed towards, thank you. Along with these updates we also remember that at this festive season there are many who still need our prayers and support.

Malawi. Probably the poorest nation on earth and yet our leader there has been horribly attacked. Lloyd is the pioneer for over 300 churches and whilst he was away helping others, his wife was attacked. She lost most things in their home and was brutally manhandled. The gang have been caught and are before the judge.

Iraqi Kurdistan. Whilst the nation falls apart Ray is in Kurdistan helping the people there find ways of surviving. He has started a violin workshop and widows are learning to support themselves. (Note from Hilary, Ray has been there since before the first Gulf war.)

World In Need has produced a lovely informative 2007/8 calendar. Write to for your copy. If you can sell them in your organisation please let us know. They are ideal for those people you don't want to buy a gift for but you need to send more than a card this Christmas.
The building by a group of American 'Hard Hats' of the new WIN HQ accommodation bloc means that we can now run training courses on-site.

Afghanistan. The new team is doing well in the development of a widow's carpet training centre and day care for children. We now need people who can help sell these carpets in clubs, churches, etc. let us know if you can get involved.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.