Friday, October 27, 2006

Last night, I watched the first two episodes of the Dr Who spin off "Torchwood". Huh? How come I am not making money from writing and this dross is? Am I aiming too high and assuming my readers are more intelligent than they actually are?
What with this and the new Robin Hood, starring the usually reliable Keith Allen, I despair. At least Robin Hood has the saving grace of appealing to five year olds. And I like to think it's meant to be tongue in cheek... But the BBC seems to have decided that their audience don't have two brain cells to bounce together.
It isn't the actors. In both series, they are fairly reliable. It isn't the direction. Well, not totally. The directors can only work with what they have got. And the best director and actors in the world cannot save a poor script. Alien sex gases? Puleese! How old was that writer?
OK. Rant over. The world is not fair. Official. All I can do is go out and try and make it a little fairer. And the only way I can do that is by writing and selling. So, I'm off to write. One out of two ain't bad.
By the way, the coffee didn't completely get me yesterday. I wrote 2000 words. Eventually.

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