Friday, March 07, 2014

The Bankrupt Viscount is coming!

It's all beginning to seem real!

On May 9th, my first Regency Romance, "The Bankrupt Viscount", is released by Museitup Publishing.

Will, Viscount Hadlow, inherited his title along with a rundown estate and crippling debts. He refuses to marry until he can support a wife, despite his growing attraction to his neighbour, Ella.
The fortune her grandfather left to her gives Ella an independence most women can only dream of. After a near miss with a fortune hunter she has sworn never to marry at all, and certainly not to a man who needs her money, but her feelings for Will test her resolve.
When a series of accidents and near misses put Ella in danger, Will vows to protect her from her unknown enemy. But who will protect Ella from Will? Or, for that matter, from herself?

The story of "The Bankrupt Viscount" takes place in the small community of Crompton Hadlow, in southern England in 1817. I'm currently working on the stories of some of Will and Ella's neighbours, and hope you will share them with me in the near future. Meanwhile, if you pre-order "The Bankrupt Viscount" direct from Museitup Publishing, you can save 20% on the list price. Details of this offer can be found on the Museitup site here:

I value the opinions of readers highly, so do let me know what you think of the story.