Thursday, October 16, 2008

The piece seems to be going down well. The organisers of the fund raiser want to use it as is, and have decided to introduce the actress as an aidworker who is recounting a tale she was told. Might work. My son called the piece "a wallet opener", which is a good term. I'll be happy if it does the trick.
There is the germ of an idea for a one act play based on this subject. Not called "Suffer the Little Children," though, that's far too cliche and mawkish. I could explore the subject more thoroughly, make uncle a more memorable character, make the children's plight more real, and somehow get that centre built.
It's going to be written along with the new pantomime I've promised, plus two novels that are in the pipeline. And then there is the screenplay that I started thinking about at Gordy Hoffman's Bluecat seminar in London, which is tentatively titled "Alex and Rose".. Should keep me out of mischief for the time being.
I might try my hand at the second of those two novels for Nano this year. Although with the Church festival coming up, plus learning my lines for being in "Rumpelstiltskin," Nano might not be as big a success as before for me.

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