Monday, October 20, 2008

Phew! It's been a most productive day. Today we did a show for a group in the next village to us. I was nervous but it all went well and they enjoyed us making fools of ourselves. I think the idea that I was Cinderella because (as the script said) "I was young and beautiful" set the tone and got the big laughs.
Then I came home and worked on the synopsis for the play about AIDS orphans and street children. I have the bones of the story set out, I know my main characters. It needs a bit of tweaking, loose ends tying, some light moments added, and then I will be ready to write it.
And lastly I went to rehearsal for the pantomime. Last week, I was worried. It felt so bitty, so early stages, and we have so little time left. But tonight, it felt as if it was coming together. I want to learn my lines completely in the next two weeks, so I can concentrate on delivery.
And now to bed. Tomorrow I want to elaborate on that synopsis, learn more about the characters and get to the stage of being ready to write a bare bones draft. And I want to learn those lines.

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