Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Centre in Malawi.

Today, I am writing a monologue which will be used as part of an evening of entertainment to raise funds for a centre for street children in Malawi. The children have been orphaned, mostly due to AIDS, and they are preyed upon by some very evil people. What Oliver Twist was subjected to is a walk in the park compared to what these children will endure.
The centre will provide them with a place to go, a meal each day, an education, training at skills that will make them employable, and thus give thema chance of a decent life. There is also counselling, medical help, and other practical help being offered. Although it will be a Christian centre, nobody will be admitted or turned away because of their faith or lack of it. Everyone who needs it will receive the help it offers, and there will be no pressure to become a Christian, although, obviously, much rejoicing if anyone does. It will be run as far as possible by local people, not by foreign "aid workers".
The centre will cost £25,000 to build. We have £6,000 already. Hopefully the evening on 25th October will make that £7,000.

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