Thursday, December 21, 2006

I have been approached to write five short plays highlighting the causes of poverty - lack of water, lack of education, conflict, lack of employment opportunities, HIV/AIDS. These will be used to show what the effect of these issues have on poverty, and how we can work to alleviate them. It's to lead up to A Day Of Poverty on June 10th.
It's a huge responsibility and one I take very seriously. First stop, prayer.

Americans spend more on cosmetics and Europeans more on ice cream than it would cost to provide schooling and sanitation to the 2 billion people who go without both.
The richest 358 people on the planet are collectively richer than half of the world's population.
4% of the wealth of the richest 225 individuals on the planet could provide elementary education, medical facilities and nutrition for the world's poor.
And yet, every day, 30,000 people die from the effects of extreme poverty. That's ten World Trade Centres EVERY DAY.
I don't find that acceptable. Do you?

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