Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year! And may 2007 bring all of us everything we could ever hope or dream of.
I have a number of writing goals for 2007. If I set them out here, maybe I'll be shamed into achieving them.
Firstly, I have a trilogy of fantasy novels to write and complete at least the first draft of each. Shouldn't be beyond me. At just 1000 words a day, a first draft of each novel would only take three months. I have already done a first draft of the first one, so my second goal is to get that ready to think about publication.
My second goal is to complete my screenplay about war torn Africa, and to write another screenplay as part of Nano's script frenzy event in June. I'd like to get the African screenplay especially, up to speed and ready to submit.
My third goal is to get my libretto set to music. Not completely in my own hands, that one, but I will press ahead with it anyway.
My fourth goal is really the most important. I am going to actually submit work on a regular basis. Whether it be a novel, a screenplay, short story, magazine article, poem into a competition, children's story, stage play... I am very good at writing things and then putting them to one side, meaning to send them off and never getting around to it. Well, they won't post themselves. I thought I'd aim for one piece a month sent out.
Watch this space. Maybe starving writer will be well fed by the end of the year.

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Ha! Here's some traffic, Hilary. Come visit me, too!