Saturday, November 11, 2006

Yay! I passed the forty thousand word mark on my Nano novel. I think some of those words are not half bad either. There's a salvageable novel in there. PLus I have made friends and really been buoyed up by it. I would never have written so much if not for Nano.
Now I have to stop for a day, or half a day and write a scene for a panto. It involves all those people who would otherwise not have speaking parts. Doesn't have to have much to do with the plot, this being panto - what plot? - but must be funny.
We live on Ashdown Forest. Winnie the Pooh was created four miles down the road, Conan Doyle lived half a mile from my house, and oh, yes, we are famous for our treacle mine. The villain of the Panto is Fran Gipani, an Italian baker, who obviously would need the treacle from a treacle mine. She also owns a dog called Killer, who eats people.
So the outline I have is the miners at a treacle mine are asked for directions by an intrepid group of explorers looking for Pooh Bear. They hear the wolf howl (yes, there's a wolf) and the explorers think it's the Hound of the Baskervilles. The miners say, bored, no, it's the Hound of the Gipanis and we're all right because Fran Gipani needs our treacle, so the dog won't eat us. Don't know about you lot though. Cue some mayhem, panto fear, etc.
Not bad for starters.

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