Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm looking for a composer. Anyone out there want to prove themselves on a major work? There are two versions - a libretto, completely in song, and a play with songs in.

Some years ago, I wrote a libretto entitled "Foundations", which told the story of the first eleven chapters of the Book of Acts, specifically St Paul's conversion. I got a lot of good feedback from this, some of it from professional musicians and writers, but no composer. And without that, it was worthless.

I thought I would ease the workload. I rewrote it as a play with songs in. That works too. But still no composer.

Thing is, the part of the copyright that belongs to me has been assigned to St Richard's Church, a tiny little Church on a run down estate in South England. It's known as the little church with the big heart and it is vital to the community with its outreach. Alas, it is falling down and needs rebuilding and modest estimates put that at a cool million. When they rebuild, they are going to put a doctor's surgery in there, so the people have health facilities. There'll be health visitor facilities, places where Mums can go to learn to look after kids better (sadly, some Mums need the help), places for all the community. But we need to raise the money first.

In an area where most people are on welfare, it's easy to say it's an impossible dream, but I know nothing is impossible with God. If he wants this place to be built, he will supply us with the means. And this afternoon, whilst doing my devotions, I had the strongest urge to try one more time for a composer. The feeling would not go away, so I'm trying.

The composer would, of course, be entitled to keep their share of any money made by the project. But, as I say, my share belongs to St Richard's.

Anybody wish to look at the work, under no obligation?

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Kimber An said...

Wow! I don't know anything about writing like that. Best of wishes on it though.