Monday, August 20, 2007

This fantasy novel of mine is sucking me dry. I have a completed draft and I'm rewriting. The rewrites make it better, but I have no enthusiasm for it, which is strange, as I have enthusiasm for most rewrites. So I've put it to one side for the time being and am going to work on something else.So, I thought, what? It hit me like a flash of lightning. I'm not kidding. Doesn't usually come at me like that. In fact, I don't know how and why I normally get my ideas, but I can pinpoint the exact moment this one was pushed into my head.I'm going to write a one act play for my Church. Every other year in November, we have a big Mission, when we have a visiting preacher who sometimes brings a team, sometimes comes alone. They stay for a week, and we have lots of events and activities for Church members to bring interested non Christians to. They have a good time, listen to a message from our sponsor, and then either go home unmoved or, the hierarchy hope, go home interested and asking questions that will lead them to Christ. Anyway, next one is November 2008, and today my bolt from the blue idea was for a one act play which could go with a simple meal (Ploughman's perhaps) and the sponsor message, to make an evening. The play is about a family of three (Mother, father, daughter) who encounter Jesus at six key moments of his life and death and life. Their reactions will (hopefully) reflect reactions of people today, and highlight facets of the Lord.I know that's not going to make me rich, or even sell. But it hit my brain, synopsis formed and ready, characters three -D before we start - what's a girl to do? Besides, I learned a very long time ago, when God makes obvious what he wants me to do, might as well go and do it. He's bigger than me. I'll write this, and call it part of my giving, and then come back to my more commercial projects. As it's only three actors, I shouldn't have too much trouble finding a cast for it, even amongst the mostly non Christian drama actors I know. (Most non Christians seem happy to act in religious plays, as long as they don't think anyone is trying to convert them, I find. And I never NEVER try to convert anyone. I leave that to God. Oh, I'll happily talk about my faith, share it, answer questions. But if someone's not interested, I accept that. Never do to others what you wouldn't want done to you. I was a non Christian long enough to understand that.)It may be just what I need as well, apart from doing as I am told. I am directing this play, which is quite complex. (When I wrote it, I don't think I realised how many layers there are to it. The actors bring out more each rehearsal.) Trying to direct that, AND write a complex novel might be a bit much. Onwards and upwards.

Good luck, Harrison, as you return to Kenya. Keep in touch!

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