Monday, July 02, 2007

Overnight, one of the two actresses I had lined up for the main female role has had to pull out. Which makes life easier in that the other girl now gets the part without having to go through the motions, but leaves me one more person short.
I've got another actress, semi professional, that I can ask. This lady is a member of the rainbow, but would act every day if it came to it. She's not on email. I'll pop a note through her door and see if she is interested. Only think is, she is scatty (as she would eb first to admit) and although she always knows her lines by the dress rehearsal, it is frustrating when you say books down and she still doesn't know word one. It isn't easy to make all the less experienced put down their books when an experienced actress is getting away with it.
Our producer has friends in TWODS (Tunbridge Wells Operatic and Dramatic Society.) Used to be Amateur ODS but so many of them are semi professional, they dropped the A. So obviously, I would be thrilled to get them. I might just do so as well. Apparently, the hierarchy there is so competitive, you have to be with them so many years before you're even allowed to audition for a speaking role. You have to do back stage work and Front of House, and then you'll be let into the chorus, and then after that apprenticeship, you audition before the whole company and they vote on whether to let you in. Which probably keeps the dross out but must be very frustrating for those who want to act. And that might work in our favour. If you've got two more years back row of the chorus, not a single line, and we offer you a part with a few lines, you might be interested.
It will be all right. It has to be.
Meanwhile, I have to get to Eastbourne and back today, and my car is in dry dock. My daughter can get me there, but she can't wait for me as her husband has an appointment too. Youngest son WILL pick me up "if he can". What about all these favours I do for them?

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Ken said...

You've seemed to have had a heck of a time with the actors for this play! I've been reading about the troubles you've been having with it on CC (I'm Silmander). I hope it all pulls together for you in the en and it comes off without a hitch.