Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hi. My name is Hilary and I am a playwright. (That sounds like an opening sentence at one of those self help groups like Alcoholics anonymous, doesn't it?) Playwrights Anonymous.
Trouble is, that is exactly what I am. Anonymous. No-one's actually heard of me. So although I write for several hours a day, and my plays are produced by am-dram groups (seven have been produced in England, two in America), although I won a national Playwriting Award in England, and though two of my plays have been published by a fantastic firm in Florida, (Eldridge Publishing, check them out), I still sit in my little house in England, blowing on my fingers Bob Cratchitt style, while thinking how I can make last night's gruel stretch till next weekend for my dozens of kids (well, two still at home, but the amount they like to eat, they might as well be dozens... )
Aside from my great line in self pity, I like to talk to people. So please, come in, sit down, make yourself comfy and chat.


Kimber An said...

Hello, Hilary! I created my own Blog just so I could comment on yours. I couldn't figure out any other way. I'm computer illiterate without my husband. I read the first of your play and it's very well done. I hope more of our cyber-friends from Critique Circle navigate over here. I don't have anything on my Blog yet. But, if you want to check it out and leave any suggestions it's I'm planning on submitting to magazines this week, so I guess I need a Blog anyway. I'll work on it throughout the week. See you around CC!

HilaryMack said...

Your blog site is way better than mine! I am completely computer illiterate and i don't ahve a husband to help. Come to think of it, he was even more illiterate than I was.
Children, home schooling, creative things, writing... do you change in phone boxes?

Kimber An said...

Hey, Hilary, can you tell us more about the characters and setting for your novel?

HilaryMack said...

Sure can! Tymerys is an island on earth in the present time, but thanks to a powerful spell put in place by Alita at the request of the de Maldonados, it has been hidden and guarded from the outside world for nine hundred years.
900 years ago, Earl Geoffrey Tymerys ruled. He was a wicked despot, and Lord Thomas de Maldonado overthrew him, with the help of an English knight, Sir Arthur Henry. In a battle with Sir Arthur, Geoffrey tried to use magic, but Sir Arthur picked up a mirror and the spell bounced back and hit Geoffrey, trapping him. The only way he can be free, is to take the heart of one of Sir Arthur's direct descendants. He must do this at the very moment the planets align as they were when the curse hit him.
Geoffrey's lover, Rowena, only knows about the alignment part of the conditions and she tries to free him, but has her dates wrong and makes her attempt three years early. At that time, her army overthrows the de Maldonado family and Geoffrey is brought back enough to bring darkness over the country.
When the real date nears, Geoffrey kidnaps Arthur Henry, a direct descendant of Sir Arthur. He plans to take his heart at the ceremony, which must happen in seven days. However, Geoffrey has reckoned without Arthur's feisty daughter, Mel. With Alita's help, she follows him into Tymerys, where she joins with Tristam, the youngest de Maldonado. Together, they set out to stop Geoffrey and free her father, before it is too late.

Tristam de Maldonado, a young man who was about to be knighted when his family was attacked. He has spent three years being sheltered by Jan, the forester. Now aged 19, he readily offers to be Mel's champion and stop Geoffrey.

Mel Henry: 18 year old daughter of Arthur, a modern English girl. She is determined to stop Geoffrey. Some of her modern ways surprise, astonish and even irritate Tristam.

Jan: the forester has a reason of his own for protecting Tristam. He comes with them to do that job. A giant of a man, he is straight forward, quiet, matter-of-fact.

Geoffrey: A wicked man, who looks every minute of his 945 years. He will do anything to be free. He hates Rowena, his erstwhile paramour, but will use her to get what he wants.

Rowena: Geoffrey's lover, now 923. She became immortal to wait for him while she looked at ways tof ree him. She also bore him a son, Stefan, and dreams of father and son dominating together.

Cavan: Tristam's older brother. Imprisoned by forces that plot against both sides, Cavan finds himself held with Arthur Henry. Tristam believes him dead, Cavan believes Tristam dead.

Edward: Ostensibly he follows Rowena, but Edward has his own agenda. He has imprisoned Cavan and intends to use him to put himself in power.

HilaryMack said...

If there are any other characters you wish to know about, or something isn't clear, let me know!